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Housing and Land Rights Now Campaign 2006 Stop evictions! Stop Privatization of Habitat!
HIC Bulletin, September 2007

Housing and Land Rights Day Campaign 2007

Call to Action

Stop Forced Evictions, Speculation and Destruction of Housing and Land!

  • Stop Forced Evictions!
  • Stop Speculation in Housing, Land and Water!
  • Enforce the Right to Housing Now!
  • Enforce the Right to a Sustainable and Inclusive City!
  • Support Affordable Housing and Secure Tenure for All!
  • Stop All Discrimination!

In response to the sharp increase of massive forced evictions caused by mega-development schemes, global investment and property speculation across the planet, the Habitat International Coalition, HIC has issued a call to action inviting all peoples’ housing and land rights movements, tenants and housing rights organizations and their allies to join a global effort linking the Housing and Land Rights Days in October 2007 to the World Social Forum Mobilization on January 26th 2008.
Every October since 2003, HIC has coordinated International Housing and Land Rights Days of Action to affirm the Right to Housing in opposition to neo-liberal policies. This year HIC's efforts will be part of a larger international call for housing rights for all.

HIC's Housing and Land Rights Day Action!  Join the Campaign!

Start by organizing an action in your community! Register your event!
The actions in October are timed to coincide with the United Nations World Habitat Day in an effort to raise the profile of these movements globally. This year UN-Habitat chooses the slogan for Habitat Day as “A Safe City is a Just City”. From the citizen’s perspective this slogan is insufficient to us. We do not believe that the citizen’s security leads to justice, per se. Our concern that keeps us denouncing, criticizing and formulating proposals is that “only a just city is able to become a safe city”.

Four Month Effort Onwards to WSF 2008:

For 2007, HIC also calls on all housing and land rights organizations to sponsor public events as part of the Global Campaign starting in October -for the International Housing Rights Day- and going onwards to the World Social Forum 2008 Mobilization
The initiative of this Global Campaign comes from the meeting among Urban Networks at WSF 2007 and has been confirmed with a call to the Campaign Act Together – Housing for All, at IC WSF meeting in Berlin, June 2007.
An virtual space has been open with the participation of  allied networks such as the International Alliance of Inhabitants, Feantsa, International Union of Tenants, Foro de Autoridades Locales, Forúm Nacional de Reforma Urbana and others in a four month Global Campaign to publicize and challenge forced evictions and their corporate and government sponsors on a sustained basis.

How to connect our work

Link Current Issues & Demands:

Each national or local organization is called to link their current issues, demands and targets related to the Global Campaign themes from October 2007 to January 2008 to the Campaign website. Joint national or international actions with specific targets and demands are encouraged.  Let us join forces for housing and land rights!

Publicize Events & Share Media Contacts:

Participating groups are asked to forward a brief description of their proposed October action and on-going campaign for posting on-line in the Campaign website’s events section.  HIC also calls on local groups to forward press and media contacts from their areas to receive global press announcements about the campaign, and to forward information about local struggles and victories for posting on the Campaign website to gs@hic-net.org.
Join the team working in a collective effort –in a wiki– on Housing Key Terms definition
If you are interested in participating or helping to organize this initiative, please contact gs@hic-net.org or any of the allied organizations on the World Efforts page.

HIC-GS, Santiago, Chile, September 14, 2007

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