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Video: WUF7 Civil Society Organisations Roundtable
A new Urban Agenda responsive to people's priorities for an equitable urban future
(04-08-2014 - 04-08-2014)
Conference on City Region Food System and Sustainable Urban Development
At the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellin, Colombia
OneUN space, WUF venue, Medellín (04-09-2014 - 04-09-2014)
Conference: From participation to power
How housing cooperatives foster active citizenship, gender equality and urban equity
Pabellón Amarillo, Cuarto No. 9, FUM 7, Medellín (04-08-2014 - 04-08-2014)
(NE19) Work and equity in cities of change: the role of rights and empowerment
With the participation of Joseph Schechla, Coordinator of Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC-HLRN)
(04-08-2014 - 04-08-2014)
Call to the HIC General Assembly 2014 Meeting in Medellín
(04-07-2014 - 04-07-2014)
Training Event: How to Learn and Implement the Right to the City Building Democratic and a Sustainable Cities
WUF 7 Medellin 2014
Red Pavilion, Room Number 14, WUF 7 venue, Medellín (04-11-2014 - 04-11-2014)
Event in Egypt Stand
Civil society initiatives
Egypt Stand (04-07-2014 - 04-07-2014)
City Changer Room Event: Unpacking Targets for the Urban SDG
City Changer Room, WUF 7 venue, Medellín (04-07-2014 - 04-07-2014)
Networking Event: Habitat III Expectations
Civil society´s expectations and needs from the Habitat III process
Yellow Pavilion - Room 6, WUF 7 venue, Medellín (04-11-2014 - 04-11-2014)
Summary table of activities in which HIC is involved during the WUF 7
World Urban Forum 7 Medellin, Colombia, 5-11 April 2014
Medellín, Colombia (04-05-2014 - 04-11-2014)

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