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Result of the HIC-AL Representative Election at the Board - Period 2014-2018
Housing First: the 'counterintuitive' method for solving urban homelessness
Despite the global recession, homelessness in cities around the world is falling. Can a controversial strategy to give homeless people a roof first that is, before addressing drug abuse or mental health take the credit?
HIC-HLRN تقرير اليوم العالمي للموئل الائتلاف
UN fact sheet on forced evictions
Asian Coalition for Housing Rights E-News for July to October 2014
New Report Calls for More Democratic Food Systems
HIC-HLRN's World Habitat Day Report
Bearing Witness to Forced Evictions: Habitat IIs Broken Promise, Habitat IIIs Missing Link.
CSO statement No Compromise on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to FPIC in the CFS!
List of organizations and persons that already subscribed to the Statement by social organizations on the preparation of Habitat III on October 6, 2014
New signatures coming in every day!
Understanding and implementing the right to the city: Building just, democratic and sustainable cities

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