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  • Derecho a la ciudad
Building the City With the People
New Trends in Community Initiatives in Cooperation with Local Governments
Toward a World Charter for the Right to the City, by Enrique Ortiz
The interest of UNESCO to promote the Right to the City converges in many ways with the collective initiative of diverse international networks, social and nongovernmental organizations, and academic and professional groups to promote processes in support of formulation of a World Charter for the Right to the City and its adoption as a new collective human right.
The right to the city, lecture by Professor David Harvey
The right to the city is not merely a right of access to what already exists, but a right to change it. We need to be sure we can live with our own creations. But the right to remake ourselves by creating a qualitatively different kind of urban sociality is one of the most precious of all human rights.
COHRE Americas Programme (CAP) “Bulletin on Housing Rights and the Right to the City in Latin America”
This special edition concentrates on the Brazilian experience. Topics include Urban Planning and the Right to Housing, the Brazilian Constitution and the Right to the City, and Urban Legislation among others.
Only a just city can become a safe city
UN-Habitat´s slogan for Habitat Day 2007 is A Safe City is a Just City. As governments and media hold security issues as their foremost concern, so do many UN programs.
Global Charter-Agenda for Human Rights in the City
The sources of international human rights, make the distinction between ‘ordinary’ and ‘human rights’, spell out the domestic territorial and institutional applications of human rights, pose questions on the delegation of human rights and obligations of the State to municipal or local authorities, suggest a catalogue of human rights norms to deliberate on for the Charter-Agenda and comment on standards and indicators.
Towards a Charter-Agenda of Human Rights in the City
This text aims to be the working document that may be used as the basis to begin the wording of a Global Charter-Agenda of Human Rights in the City.
The Guide "Tools for the Promotion of Safe Cities from the Gender Perspective"
Women and Shelter Network
Political platform of the Women and Habitat network of Latin America
This document was created to respond to some relative issues regarding women and the city. Including gender, needs, political issues and agendas.
A Pathetic Scroll of Honour
After the pathetic answer of the UN-Habitat offices, without any substantial agumentation, the friends of UPC answer: We also could not find any reasonable relations between "UN-HABITAT projects of some US$25 million under the post-tsunami reconstruction" with the award for Jakarta, as the tsunami happened in Aceh, Sumatera. After learning from the great effort carried out by UN Habitat on post-tsunami reconstruction, we could come to the conclusion that the scroll of honor should not go to the city of Jakarta but to UN Habitat itself.



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