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  • Derecho a la ciudad
The Urban Roots of the Fiscal Crisis
Lecture by David Harvey at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, april 2009
Geziret Ed-Dahab Island, Cairo, Egypt: Inhabitants face expulsion to give way to private development projects
Field visit held in the framework of the Land Forum, Cairo may 2009
Campaign to cancel the twinning between Barcelona and Tel Aviv. Destruction of Barcelona-Gaza Peace Park. Send your support letter now!
See the documentary film about the remains of the Barcelona Gaza Peace Square that was demolished by the Israeli Army on the night of January 15th, 2009.
Urban Movements Building Convergences at the World Social Forum, WSF 2009
Declaration of urban movements and networks against the crisis and promoting the Right to the City during WSF in Belém
David Harvey at the World Social Forum, Belem
On January 29th, David Harvey spoke in the Urban Reform Tent
WSF-Press release on Right to the City-Women’s Housing and Land Rights
World Social Forum Belem: Right to the City/ Housing and Land Rights activities
Atlanta: clearing homeless in the name of economic revitalization further privatizes downtown in what is called “tourist triangle”
DHA’s Waterfront Development Project. Privatisation of Clifton Beach in Karachi
A slum community's thirty-year struggle in Thailand
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