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  • Derecho a la ciudad
Right to the City: letter from Rio de Janeiro
Document that was presented to the Advisory Board of WUF 5 by the social movements on March 25, 2010
HIC publication: Cities for All
Proposals and Experiencies towards the Right to the City
International Women's Day 2010
Article that is part of the HIC publication “Cities for All: Proposals and Experiences towards the Right to the City”, written by Shelley Buckingham
HIC at WUF 5
Río de Janeiro, 22-26 March 2010
Makan, Adalah’s Journal for Land, Planning and Justice
Volume 1, 2006. The Right to the City
Declaration of the Forum for Food Sovereignty
Rome, 2009
Shelter the Poor and the Right to the City through the Chilean experience
Ana Sugranyes's presentation at the University of Toronto, Cities Center, 20 October 2009
New rental guidelines target discrimination
Housing and Land Rights Day Campaign
Housing and Land Rights Day Campaign



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