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  • Derecho a la ciudad
Call for International Meeting Moving towards the implementation of the Right to the City at the Regional and International Level
The 4th World Human Rights Cities Forum (WHRCF) 2014
Towards a Global Alliance of Human Rights Cities for All
Opinion piece: The Right to the City: Strategic approach for the Post-2015 and the Habitat III Global Agendas
by Lorena Zárate, President Habitat International Coalition (HIC)
Seminar: “The Arab Spring and Forced Migration: A Winter That Waits For an End”
Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City
Highlights from WUF7 Day 1
Habitat International Coalition Demands Rights-based Approach to “Development”
Press release
Coalition Challenges WUF Approach to Growth and Equity, Demands Rights, Democracy and Justice Instead
Press release
Habitat International Coalition Takes Action in Medellin
Press release
Conference on City Region Food System and Sustainable Urban Development
At the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellin, Colombia



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