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  • Housing and Land Rights / Right to Adequate Housing
Assets and Struggles: 30 years after Vancouver Habitat Forum
Realizing the Right to Adequate Housing, Sustainable Habitat and Inclusive Cities
Hiermit laden wir zu einer eintägigen Sitzung von HIC Europa
Invitation to one-day meeting of HIC Europe
Workshop on Adequate Housing and Habitat
First United States Social Forum
With the slogan ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE / ANOTHER U.S. IS NECESSARY, the first United States Social Forum will be realized between June 27th and July 1st in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.
Un Sub-Commission on Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, OHCHR
Housing and Land Rights under Conditions of Conflict, Occupation and War
Advocating the HRAH: Techniques, Experiences and Opportunities
Monitoring the Human Right to Adequate Housing and Land
Without Ceiling there is no Life!
Massive protests, blackout of lights and cacerolazo



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