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  • Derechos Econ√É∆í√ā¬≥micos, Sociales y Culturales
From shelters to prisons? How homelessness became illegal in Hungary
Working for the Few. Political capture and economic inequality
UN Judges Egypt on Habitat Rights
UPR Pre-session 18: Chile, 28 November 2013
Spanish government approves draft law cracking down on demonstrations
Campaigners criticise legislation as attempt to muzzle protests against government's handling of economic crisis
Invitation- side event "Land and environmental rights defenders in danger"
Letter From Western Sahara, a Land Under Occupation
For nearly four decades, Sahrawis have struggled for independence from Morocco. There are growing fears of a return to arms.
Statement of Lorena ZŠrate, HIC President, condemning the violent crackdown on the demonstrators on October 19 in Paris
Homeless Memorial Day and Requiem
Violent repression in Paris for #19o



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