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  • Social Production of Habitat / People's housing process
Bashku Unplanned Area Rehabilitation Initiative
Anatomies of a Social Movement
Social Production of Habitat in Middle East/North Africa
An Experience of Popular Habitat Production in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Towards Developing Responsible Co-Responsability in the Social Production of Habitat in Latin America
Local Governments and NGOs Based on the Case Studies in Latin America
The Case of the Deventer Neighbourhood Aproach
Saamstaan Housing Cooperative. A case study in Windhoek, Namibia.
Integral and Concerted Improvement of Sanitary Conditions
Social Production of Habitat: Reflections on rights, policies and perspectives for regional and global advocacy
Social Production of Habitat in Latin America
Women in Peñalolén, Chile Seek to Live in Peace and Dignity
Movimiento de Pobladores en Lucha (MPL, Movement of Dwellers in Struggle) in Santiago, Chile demonstrates the Social Production of Habitat (SPH) defined by Habitat International Coalition (HIC) as a people-centred approach to production, upgrading and management of housing. The aim of SPH is “to gain and sustain a home and community in which to live in peace and dignity.” HIC recognizes women as key actors in SPH actions.



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