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  • Femme et habitat
Women's equal ownership, access to and control over land and the equal rights to own property and to adequate housing
Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/49
HIC Women and Shelter Network Bulletin
Violence Against Women. Trainers Manual
Women in Peñalolén, Chile Seek to Live in Peace and Dignity
Movimiento de Pobladores en Lucha (MPL, Movement of Dwellers in Struggle) in Santiago, Chile demonstrates the Social Production of Habitat (SPH) defined by Habitat International Coalition (HIC) as a people-centred approach to production, upgrading and management of housing. The aim of SPH is “to gain and sustain a home and community in which to live in peace and dignity.” HIC recognizes women as key actors in SPH actions.
Women and the Right to Adequate Housing: An Introduction to Central Issues
This paper is a preliminary outline of themes for the agenda for the forum for Women and Housing that is to be held in Barcelona in February 2008. Author: Anna Kaijser / HIC-GS
The Links between Gender, HIV/AIDS and Shelter: A Reference Document for Cameroon
CONGEH´s report on the relationship between gender, HIC/AIDS and shelter in Cameroon
Gender Equity Index. Inequity persists
The results of the 2007 Social Watch Gender Equity Index (GEI) clearly demonstrate that a country's level of wealth does not automatically determine its degree of equity.
United Nations Independent Experts demand End to Impunity for Violence Against Women
United Nations press release
On the occasion of the World Day for Women
Egyptian women are neglected, have no rights and face governmental and social violence
International Women´s Day
International Womens Day, celebrated internationally on 8 March every year for over thirty years now, will focus this year on the theme Ending Impunity for Violence against Women. The Day serves to highlight the fact that securing peace and social progress and the full enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms require the active participation, equality and development of women; and to acknowledge the contribution of women to the strengthening of international peace and security.



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