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  • Derecho a la ciudad
Study: Women and the City II
Combating violence against women and girls in urban public spaces - the role of public services
International Conference of Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations in Support of Palestinian Rights
Informe sobre el Programa del Movimiento Local para la Vivienda
Magazine: Fall 2014 Progressive Planning
Gaza: War and Displacement in the City
Concept note for the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis
Live streaming! International Meeting on the Right to the City
Today starts the International Meeting on the Right to the City
Minutes of the 1st 2014 Biannual Meeting of the Committee on Social Inclusion, Participative Democracy and Human Rights of United Cities and Local Governments
Advancing the Right to the City
Maria Silvia Emanuelli (HIC-Latin America), Joseph Schechla (HIC-Housing and Land Rights Network), Nelson Saule Junior (Polis), and Liz Theoharis (Kairos, Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice & The Poverty Initiative) discussed the importance of human rights to Habitat III discussions, the value of the right to the city framework, and initial demands related to the UN process.
List of organizations and persons that already subscribed to the Statement by social organizations on the preparation of Habitat III on November 24, 2014
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