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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Join the coordinated demonstrations on October 6th surrounding this topic. Send us information on what is being organized in your country, and we will spread your activities.
Date published: 10-03-2014

Press Release – 24th October 2014: Confronting Homelessness Must Remain a Priority in the EU Fight against Poverty
Source: European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA)
The 2014 FEANTSA Policy Conference, “Confronting homelessness in the EU: Seeking out the next generation of best practices” started today in Bergamo, Italy. The first day brought together more than 400 experts from across the world.

Date published: 10-24-2014
HIC and 260 organizations from around the world have endorsed Our Land, Our Business campaign, which has organized protests in 10 cities to denounce the World Bank’s business indicators that facilitate land grabbing and dispossession of local communities.In Washington D.C., at the occasion of the annual meeting of the Bank, the campaign started the day of action with a panel discussion held at the World Bank Civil Society Policy Forum. The presence of panelists from...

Date published: 10-22-2014
لقراءتكم في شهر أكتوبر للموئل تجدون هنا، تقرير التحالف الدولي للموئل – شبكة حقوق...

Date published: 10-21-2014
Despite the global recession, homelessness in cities around the world is falling. Can a controversial strategy to give homeless people a roof first – that is, before addressing drug abuse or mental health – take the credit?

Date published: 10-21-2014
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