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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
After opening for comments, the General Secretariat drafted the last version of HIC´s By-Law. It now has to be submitted to the General Assembly for its approval. Members' amendments are highlighted in yellow. The voting period starts on July 15 and will end on July 28, 2014. You can vote in favor, against, or abstain for the vote.Staying up to date with your contributions is indispensable to cast your vote. We request all HIC members to send their vote to gs@hic-net.org. * To download...
Date published: 07-14-2014

Social Production of Habitat Forum 2014
Source: Habitat International Coalition, urbaMonde
At the occasion of the World habitat day, the Swiss NGO urbaMonde, in the framework of its partnership with Habitat International Coalition and other organisations, proposes several workshops and reflections on the theme of Social Production of Habitat that is considered an efficient alternative to the deteriorating habitat conditions of millions of people across the globe. Beyond the recognition that the urbanization of the world is advancing at an accelerated pace, it is essential to...

Date published: 07-23-2014
Ayse Pamuk International Affordable Housing Image Collection
Source: San Francisco State University
Ayse Pamuk is a professor of Urban Studies and Planning at San Francisco State University. Herimage collection provides a comparative, international perspective of affordable housing and urban transformation. The speed of urban transformation in cities under globalization is having profound impact on human settlements. Affordable housing has emerged as an important public policy issue worldwide. This collection provides a visual look at housing built by the private sector (formal and...

Date published: 07-22-2014
CALL TO VOTE FOR HIC-MENA ELECTIONS SELECT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND ALTERNATE TO REPRESENT YOU AT THE HIC-BOARD FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2018   DEADLINES FOR SENDING VOTES: TUESDAY AUGUST 5th   Dear HIC-MENA member, As you already know, the current term of your MENA representatives to the Habitat International Coalition Board is expiring The next four-year term will run from 2014 through 2018.  If you are HIC Member in the Middle East/North...

Date published: 07-21-2014
The Electoral Committee (CE) carrying out the election process of Representative to the Board for MENA region has decided to postpone the schedule deadline's for the Validation of Candidates’ nomination, therefore the schedule for the next steps of the electoral process will be carried as as follows:All the Candidates must send a letter with their nomination’s acceptance, a bio and a campaign brief, together with their organization's support of their nomination (deadline July...

Date published: 07-17-2014
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