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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
Habitat III is the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to take place in 2016 (location to be arranged). Within this process, the United Nations General Assembly decided to establish a Preparatory Committee (PrepComm), to carry out the preparations for the conference open to all State Members of the United Nations and members of specialized agencies and of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The PrepCom will have three meetings before the...
Date published: 09-04-2014

World Social Forum,2011 February 10

Date published: 02-28-2011
Statement of the World Assembly of Inhabitants,World Social Forum, Dakar, February 10

Date published: 02-24-2011
The latest World Social Forum took place in Dakar from the 6th to the 11th of February.  It was followed by a two-day meeting of its International Council which began the assessment exercise, that will continue in the next months, and reflected on the way ahead for the next two years. The WSF had a special flavour this year. Whereas the “usual suspect” issues of world activism recurred predictably, though often articulated in new and inspiring ways as I will say below, the...

Date published: 02-24-2011
Dear HIC Members: We are forwarding a message from HIC’s Member in Bahrain, where the World Urban Forum will take place in 2012. Also see links following the message by Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights below.   Estimados miembros de HIC , Encontraran abajo un mensaje (en Ingles) proveniente de Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (Sociedad de la Juventud de Bahréin para los Derechos Humanos) miembro de HIC de Bahréin, donde se realizara el Foro Urbano...

Date published: 02-12-2011
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