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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
HIC is involved in several initiatives, inside and outside the official session, to lobby for civil society (CS) and local government (LG)’s expectations and proposals for the New Habitat Agenda and Habitat III. This will include the substantive CS and LG involvement and participation in the Habitat III process; The outcomes of the research "Habitat III National Reporting Processes: Locating the Right to the City and the Role of Civil Society"; The status of the national and regional...
Date published: 04-12-2015

Participation of Ms. Leilani Farha, Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing at 0h20 and 01h59. * To watch the video, click here. ...

Date published: 04-10-2015
Forests and lakes destroyed for Istanbul’s 3rd airport
Source: Global Anti-Aerotropolis Movement (GAAM)
Kuzey Ormanları Savunması​ (the ‘North Forest Defence’) which campaigns to protect the forests to the north of Istanbul, has made an English language version of a shocking video. It documents the destruction of forests for the city’s third airport. Its ecocide: piles of felled trees; a long line of earth moving trucks nose to tail along the highway; bulldozers gouging away at the earth; forests, lakes and meadows destroyed. A sheep farmer explains that there is nowhere for...

Date published: 04-10-2015
UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing April 2015 Newsletter
Source: ÙN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Housing
Read up on the Special Rapporteur's mission to Cabo Verde, visit to Detroit, MI, USA, and other updates on the right to adequate housing.* View the newsletter in your browser ...

Date published: 04-09-2015
HIC-HLRN has just published the English-language version of its compilation of papers and presentations of the MENA Land Forum (2009–13). This volume compiles the contributions of participants in four rounds of the MENA Land Forum, 2009-2013. It embodies the diagnostic presentations and papers in English translation for the wider international public. The 36 contributions are organized according to 10 timely themes, exploring tenure rights; water scarcity; gender, the right to the...

Date published: 04-09-2015
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