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Source: No Vox, International Alliance of Inhabitants (IAI) and HIC
Registration of activities extended until January the 31st of 2015!
Date published: 12-16-2014

The HIC Habitat III Working Group has drafted a questionnaire about the status of National Habitat Committees and National Reports for Habitat III. The purpose of this questionnaire is to get more information about the Habitat III process and deepen our position and influence the agenda of this conference. To answer the questionnaire, please click here. The results of this questionnaire will be public. Do not hesitate to share it with whoever you want. Your participation...

Date published: 01-20-2015
As part of the preparatory process towards Habitat III, Member States, local organizations and other institutions are encouraged to organize regional or thematic meetings to ensure an inclusive and focused discussion on sustainable urban development for a New Urban Agenda. The Conference welcomes the participation and contributions of all Member States and relevant stakeholders, including parliamentarians, civil society organizations, regional and local government and municipality...

Date published: 01-20-2015
Synthesis report of the Secretary-General on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda

Date published: 01-20-2015
Sustainable cities and regions matter now more than ever. They hold the key to the equitable and sustainable future of our societies, our economy and planetary health. Through a series of bold and visionary actions, we can collectively grasp that future and make it real, for all people everywhere. Today, more than half the world’s 7.3 billion people and around three quarters of its economic output (over $50 trillion) are in urban centres of all sizes. These concentrate most new...

Date published: 01-20-2015
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