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The seventh edition of the World Urban Forum (WUF) will be held in Medellin, Colombia from 5 to 11 April. This event is organized every two years by UN-HABITAT in order to examine one of the most urgent issues faced by humanity: the accelerated urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies and policies. This time the main theme of the Forum will be "Urban Equity in Development-Cities for Life". Alongside with the WUF, and taking advantage of the presence of many...
Date published: 02-13-2014

Date: Monday April 7, 9am-3pm Location: rooms 418 and 419, 4th floor of Architecture University, Block 24, National University of Colombia, Street 59 A # 63-20 Autopista Norte, Medellín.  The Habitat International Coalition (HIC) will hold its annual General Assembly meeting in Medellín on Monday April 7 from 9 am - 3 pm, alongside with World Urban Forum that will take place from April 5 to 11, 2014. HIC new Constitution was approved by the General Assembly during its last...

Date published: 04-01-2014
During the General Assembly meeting on 28 March 2013 in Tunis, the new HIC Constitution was approved. The next step is to amend the HIC By-Law, based on the Constitution, which will be pressented and voted on in the upcoming General Assembly meeting in Medellín on 7 April 2014. We invite all HIC Members and Friends to participate in the amendment process, by visiting the "Amendments to the HIC By-Law” section on the home page of the Member Space. If you have any trouble...

Date published: 04-01-2014
WUF 7 Medellin 2014

Date published: 04-01-2014
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Date published: 04-01-2014
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