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Habitat III is the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development to take place in 2016 (location to be arranged). HIC is involved in several initiatives to lobby for civil society to take a key role in discussions (such as Habitat I and II), in order for the Right to the City to be considered in the New World Urban Agenda that will emerge from Habitat III, as well as to remind the Conference of the existing continuum between rural and urban areas. HIC also...
Date published: 08-26-2014

CALL TO VOTE FOR HIC-MENA ELECTIONS SELECT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND ALTERNATE TO REPRESENT YOU AT THE HIC-BOARD FOR THE PERIOD 2014-2018   DEADLINES FOR SENDING VOTES: TUESDAY AUGUST 5th   Dear HIC-MENA member, As you already know, the current term of your MENA representatives to the Habitat International Coalition Board is expiring The next four-year term will run from 2014 through 2018.  If you are HIC Member in the Middle East/North...

Date published: 07-21-2014
The Electoral Committee (CE) carrying out the election process of Representative to the Board for MENA region has decided to postpone the schedule deadline's for the Validation of Candidates’ nomination, therefore the schedule for the next steps of the electoral process will be carried as as follows:All the Candidates must send a letter with their nomination’s acceptance, a bio and a campaign brief, together with their organization's support of their nomination (deadline July...

Date published: 07-17-2014
Leading international jurists and legal networks from all continents, among them UN special Rapporteurs, acting and former judges, leading law professors as well as national and continental professional associations, called on the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and world leaders to take "concrete action” against Israel’s wall in the occupied West Bank.The 9th of July 2014 marks ten years since the International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its advisory opinion on the...

Date published: 07-16-2014
Organized by the Institute for European Urban Studies Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the Hermann Henselmann Foundation and sponsored by the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation.

Date published: 07-16-2014
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