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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
After the approval of the HIC amended Constitution in 2013, HIC´s By Law must be redrafted following the new Constitution contents. The General Secretariat produced a first draft of proposed amendments of HIC´s By Law which was presented to the members of the Board on 6th March 2014. A second version, containing the amendments proposed by the Board members, was presented during the Board Meeting in Medellin on 6th April 2014. After this, a third version was drafted to be approved by...
Date published: 06-08-2014

Urban Management program, Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC)
Source: Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC)
* To download the program, click here.  ...

Date published: 06-09-2014
Attendees (see detailed list in annex 1): Yasser Abdel Qader (YA), Giovanni Allegretti (GA), Edgar Arroyo (EA), Marie Bailloux (MBa), Dito Barbosa (DB), Antonia Barón (AB), Matt Boms (MB), Jordi Borja (JB), Renata Boulos (RB), Julio Caledonio (JC), Ana Beatriz Cárdenas (AC), Marisol Castillo (MC), Francisco Comaru (FC), Ana Carolina Cortés (AC), Leticia Cruz (LC), Beatrice de Carli (BD), María Clara Echeverria (ME), Silvia Emanuelli (SE), Carlos Estrada (CE), Alex Fresdiani (AF), María...

Date published: 06-09-2014
Leadership Development Opportunity: "Explorers' Journey for systemic change"
Source: DEEEP Project/ Smart CSOs Lab/ Development Perspectives
You have been telling yourself and everyone that the world needs to change, but still you feel that you need a louder voice... You think that in times of systemic crises activism needs to radically change... You believe that only a holistic and cross sectorial approach is able to turn the world into a better place, but haven't yet found the right place and moment to shape or experiment new strategies and actions... We have an invitation for you! Together, DEEEP/CONCORD DARE...

Date published: 06-09-2014
The shoebox flat is our housing crisis in microcosm
Source: http://www.theguardian.com/
Our homes are shrinking in size and rising in cost, while a lack of supply means we can't even choose where and how we live

Date published: 06-09-2014
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