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31 July 2014 The General Assembly has approved the amendments to Parts A and B of the By-Law by a simple majority of HIC Members. The Secretariat General team thanks to all members who have contributed to the process of the revision of the By-Law, showing their commitment to the Coalition. Overview HIC´s By Law must be redrafted following the new Constitution contents. The General Secretariat produced a first draft of proposed amendments of HIC´s By-Law...
Date published: 08-03-2014

بعد فتح المجال أمام الأعضاء للتعليق على النظام الأساسي للتحالف، أصدرت الأمانة...

Date published: 07-14-2014
Nairobi: Church Thugs Attack Wetland Defenders
Source: Chrispinus Wekesa, The Star
Nairobi—Three people were injured on Saturday when armed youths guarding construction workers at the controversial Westlands wetland Peponi Road plot clashed with demonstrators. The demonstrators were led by Westlands MP Tim Wanyonyi, Mazingira Institute Executive Director Davinder Lamba and Onyango Oloo. They were protesting against the construction of a perimeter wall within the riparian reserve on LR NO 1870\11\60 owned by PCEA foundation when youths armed with bows...

Date published: 07-13-2014
HIC MENA Region is currently undergoing the renewal of its representatives at the Board Nomination of candidates is now open. Please send the nomination of your candidates at the Electoral Committee which is guiding the Election process. Can I nominate? All the organizations shown on the list can nominate candidates for the position of representative of HIC MENA Members at the Board.If your name or if your organization’s name is on this list, you can nominate the...

Date published: 07-08-2014
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Date published: 07-07-2014
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