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Housing in Europe:
Time to Evict the Crisis
The World Social Forum (WSF) will be held in Tunis, Tunisia, from 24 to 28 March 2015. The WSF 2015 will be held at a crucial time for the social movements that want more justice, freedom and solidarity. The aims and guidelines chosen consider the political, social and economic changes in Maghreb-Mashreq, and on the African Continent, and of the ecological and economical worldwide crisis. The identified aims are only indications to a better support of all of those crucial questions, and...
Date published: 02-11-2015

Proyecto “Colombia, Chile, El Salvador: Un nuevo paso en la aplicación de políticas contra la violencia, con actores policiales: Mujeres más seguras”

Date published: 03-08-2015
The role and responsabilities of subnational levels of governments in the implementation of the right to housing

Date published: 03-05-2015
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Date published: 03-05-2015
Habitat International Coalition América Latina (HIC-AL, www.hic-al.org), the Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia (ACIJ, www.acij.org.ar) and the Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS, www.cels.org.ar), supported by 29 organizations (including Fundar, Instituto Polis, Terra de Direitos and Espacio DESC) and movements working for the observance of human rights and improvement of housing in Latin America, prompted a thematic regional hearing of the Inter-American Commission...

Date published: 03-04-2015
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