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Situation of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of People Living in Urban Shantytowns in the Americas
Source Noah O'Connor, Human Rights Brief (03-27-2015)
Local Authorities Supporting Palestine
Report of the conference: Local authorities in support of Palestinian rights held at WSF 2015
Source HIC-HLRN (03-27-2015)
Comunicado de prensa: La Coalición Internacional para el Hábitat participa en el Foro Social Mundial 2015
Source HIC-GS (03-26-2015)
Press relesase: Global Platform for the Right to the City in the 13th World Social Forum
Participation will support the popular initiative in the New Urban and Habitat Agenda
Source Right to the City Platform (03-24-2015)
World Bank president admits resettlement failures: 'What we found causes me deep concern'
Under pressure, the World Bank has conceded that its resettlement policies are flawed. This must be the moment for change, argues Ryan Schlief
Source Ryan Schlief (03-18-2015)
HIC Agenda of activities at the WSF 2015
Source (03-17-2015)
Cities: the new guardians of human rights
In monitoring the human rights performance of states, the UN human rights mechanisms engage mostly with central government. Too often, the role of municipal authorities is overlooked despite the crucial role they play in realizing housing and many other rights.
Source Leilani Farha (03-10-2015)
Every time winter's extreme cold claims a life, we have failed the homeless
Severe winter weather is predictable. Governments need to take responsibility for the poor and homeless dying on their streets
Source Leilani Farha (03-09-2015)
Magazine: Winter 2015 Progressive Planning
Policing, Violence and Planning
Source Planners Network (03-09-2015)
Mapa Experiencias: Organizaciones de Mujeres y Actores Policiales: Contribuyendo a erradicar la violencia de género
Proyecto “Colombia, Chile, El Salvador: Un nuevo paso en la aplicación de políticas contra la violencia, con actores policiales: Mujeres más seguras”
Source SUR Corporación de Estudios Sociales y Educación (03-08-2015)

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