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HLRN Releases a Handbook on “How to Respond to Forced Evictions” Independent Experts Condemn State Impunity and Complicity
Source HIC-HLRN (04-17-2014)
Highlights from WUF7 Day 1
Source Alexandre Apsan Frediani, Development Planning Unit (04-14-2014)
Habitat International Coalition Demands Rights-based Approach to “Development”
Press release
Source HIC (04-09-2014)
Coalition Challenges WUF Approach to Growth and Equity, Demands Rights, Democracy and Justice Instead
Press release
Source HIC (04-08-2014)
Habitat International Coalition Takes Action in Medellin
Press release
Source HIC (04-07-2014)
Networks of local governments and civil society launch a joint declaration about World Urban Forum
Joint Declaration of HIC, the Commitee, FALP and Mercociudades
Source IC, the Commitee, FALP and Mercociudades (04-04-2014)
Agenda of HIC and Alternative Forum activities
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)
Renew your membership to vote during the General Assembly Meeting in Medellín!
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)
Amendments to the HIC By-Law
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)
Map and locations in Medellin
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)

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