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Peasants and rural workers claim their rights as guardians of Mother Earth
Representatives of peasants, indigenous peoples, pastoralists, fishers and rural workers from around the globe submit a joint declaration on a UN declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas
Source FIAN International (02-18-2015)
World Habitat Awards 2015-16: Apply now!
Source Building and Social Housing Foundation (02-18-2015)
HIC News: HIC at the World Social Forum 2015
Source HIC-GS (02-16-2015)
HIC at the World Social Forum 2015
Source HIC-GS (02-11-2015)
Breaking News: UN approved hydroelectric Barro Blanco dam suspended over community rights violations
Source Carbon Market Watch (02-11-2015)
WSF 2015 Extension
Soon 100 WSF 2015 activities out of Tunis
Source WSF organization committee (02-09-2015)
Visit the blog: Expectations for Habitat III
A blog of Habitat International Coalition
Source HIC-GS (02-05-2015)
Spain's austerity criticized again in UN Human Rights
States echo civil society calls to address serious deterioration in economic and social rights
Source Center for Economic and Social Rights (02-02-2015)
Call for Papers European Journal of Homelessness Vol. 9, No. 2, 2015 Open Edition
Source FEANTSA (01-30-2015)
Nationalities and visas to enter Tunisia
Source www.fsm2015.org (01-29-2015)

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