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2014 Worlds AIDS Day: Africans meeting the challenges of HIV, AIDS and slums
Source Barry Pinsky, Executive Director, Rooftops Canada (12-05-2014)
Sixty more children made homeless in space of weeks
Number of children sleeping in hostels on the increase
Source www.independent.ie/ (12-01-2014)
How Silicon Valley Created America's Largest Homeless Camp
Welcome to "The Jungle," where casualties of Silicon Valley's last tech boom now find themselves struggling to survive.
Source National Journal (12-01-2014)
Land Times nș 11
Source HIC-HLRN (11-30-2014)
Statement of Solidarity with Abahlali baseMjondolo
Source representatives of social movements, not-for-profit organizations, national and local authorities and policy makers, professionals, academics and rese (11-28-2014)
Study: Women and the City II
Combating violence against women and girls in urban public spaces - the role of public services
Source ActionAid (11-25-2014)
CAN Newsletter for October 2014
Community Architects Network
Source Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (11-23-2014)
ESCR-Justice - November 2014
Monthly Caselaw Update
Source (11-23-2014)
Informe sobre el Programa del Movimiento Local para la Vivienda
Source Building and Social Housing Foundation (11-23-2014)
Concept note for the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunis
Source WSF organization committee (11-22-2014)

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