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World Habitat Day 2013
To commemorate the World Habitat Day, HIC features a section of Activities, hosting the initiatives of its members and a section of Documents on human rights related to habitat.
Source (09-23-2013)
Support and Solidarity with the Platform of Affected by the Mortgages (PAH) Spain
Source The signatory organizations (09-16-2013)
UN rights expert warns of regression on the right to adequate housing in the United Kingdom
Source UN Human Rights (09-13-2013)
Boycott Istanbul 2020
Source Boycott Istanbul 2020 (09-09-2013)
Assessment of U.N. Habitat's flagship reports
Source Michael Cohen and Willem van Vliet (09-09-2013)
New HIC General Secretary
Source (09-09-2013)
Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing - UK Mission ends next week - Newsletter #38
Source Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing (09-03-2013)
John Turner's work on housing
Source John Turner (08-30-2013)
Join the HIC Social Networks!
Source HIC-GS (08-30-2013)
informações e o documento geral sobre a Marcha pela Reforma Urbana em todo o país
Mais de 10 Estados realizarão a Marcha pela Reforma Urbana dia 28 de agosto
Source www.forumreformaurbana.org.br (08-24-2013)

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