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Amendments to the HIC By-Law
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)
International Women's Day 2014
Source HIC-GS (03-07-2014)
دعوة إلى مساهمة متطوعين في اللجنة الانتخابية لأعضاء مجلس إدارة التحالف الدولي للموئل الممثلين لمنطقة الشرق الأوسط/شمال إفريقيا
Source HIC-MENA/HIC-GS (02-27-2014)
Call for Volunteers for HIC-MENA Electoral Committee
HIC is launching its Electoral Process for representatives at the Board - Middle East and North Africa Region
Source HIC-MENA/HIC-GS (02-27-2014)
Renew your membership to vote during the General Assembly Meeting in Medellín!
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)
UPR Pre-session 18: Chile, 28 November 2013
Source (12-16-2013)
HIC General Secretariat Season's Greetings
Source HIC-GS (12-13-2013)
Statement of Lorena Zárate, HIC President, condemning the violent crackdown on the demonstrators on October 19 in Paris
Source HIC (10-31-2013)
World Habitat Day 2013
To commemorate the World Habitat Day, HIC features a section of Activities, hosting the initiatives of its members and a section of Documents on human rights related to habitat.
Source (09-23-2013)
New HIC General Secretary
Source (09-09-2013)


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