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Call to Nomination of Candidates for Regional Representatives to the HIC Board (MENA 2014 - 2018)
Nomination of Candidates is now open
Source HIC-MENA/HIC-GS (06-30-2014)
Election of HIC Board representative(s) in Middle East/North Africa, Latin America and Africa
During the second semester of 2014, HIC will be going through 3 processes aiming to renew the representatives at the Board for 3 regions: (i) Mena, (ii) LA and (iii) AF
Source HIC-GS (06-25-2014)
Election of Representative to the Board - MENA 2014
The Electoral Committee of HIC Middle East and North Africa launches the Electoral Process to renew its representative at the Board
Source HIC-MENA/HIC-GS (06-25-2014)
General Assembly minutes, Medellín 2014
Source HIC-GS (06-09-2014)
Amendments to the HIC By-Law
Source HIC-GS (06-08-2014)
Call for applications for the position of administrative assistant
Source HIC-GS (06-10-2014)
Leilani Farha will be the next United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing
Source HIC (05-09-2014)
Habitat International Coalition Takes Action in Medellin
Press release
Source HIC (04-07-2014)
Networks of local governments and civil society launch a joint declaration about World Urban Forum
Joint Declaration of HIC, the Commitee, FALP and Mercociudades
Source IC, the Commitee, FALP and Mercociudades (04-04-2014)
Amendments to the HIC By-Law
Source HIC-GS (04-01-2014)


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