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Fourth version of the amendments to HIC Constitution to be submitted to the General Assembly for its approval in Tunis, on 28 March 2013
Source HIC-GS (03-27-2013)
Program of Land Forum IV and Program of Activities related to Habitat, Land and Human Rights - WSF Tunis 2013
Source HIC-GS (03-19-2013)
International Women's Day 2013: Women's habitat rights now, for just and inclusive societies!
Source (03-08-2013)
Amendments to the HIC Constitution - 3rd proposal
Source HIC-GS (03-20-2013)
Call to the 2013 HIC General Assembly Meeting in Tunis
Source HIC-GS (03-19-2013)
News from December 2012
Source HIC-GS (12-31-2012)
Call for Electoral Committee volunteers for the election of HIC Board representatives in North America
Source HIC-GS (01-04-2013)
HIC 2012 General Assembly Meeting Minutes
Source HIC-GS (11-23-2012)
Last reminder: One day left to complete the HIC Evaluation Online Survey
Source HIC-GS (10-22-2012)
WUF6 Civil Society Organizations' Roundtable Report on The Right to Land and the City
Source (10-12-2012)


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