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WUF6 Civil Society Organizations' Roundtable Report on The Right to Land and the City
Source (10-12-2012)
In commemoration of World Habitat Day, October 1, 2012
Source (10-01-2012)
Struggling against Impunity - The Annual Report of Findings from the HIC-HLRN Violation Database, 2012
Source HIC-Housing and Land Rights Network (09-30-2012)
The Right to the City and the Impacts of Megaprojects - Activity in the People's Summit
Source FRNU, HIC, IAI (06-14-2012)
HIC Program of Activities, June 2012: HIC Global Evaluation, Board and General Assembly meetings, the People's Summit, and Rio+20
Source HIC-GS (06-14-2012)
Launching of the HIC@Rio+20 blog
Source HIC-GS (05-04-2012)
HIC convokes the 2012 General Assembly
Source HIC-GS (05-03-2012)
Greetings from Vanesa Valiño, new HIC Europe representative on the HIC Board
Source (04-11-2012)
International Women's Day 2012: Women's habitat rights now, for just and inclusive societies!
Source (03-08-2012)
First issue of "Land Times"
first issue of Land Times, the periodical Land Times is the newsletter that brings to you the most relevant and timely events and developments in the human rights dimensions of land related to the Middle East and North Africa
Source HIC-HLRN (01-25-2012)


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