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Call to take part in the World Social Forum and the World Assembly of Inhabitants
Registration of activities extended until January the 31st of 2015!
, , 12-16-2014
Beyond the square: changing dynamics at the World Social Forum
If the recent Occupy-type social explosions are to seek transformative action beyond occupied squares, they should look at the history of the World Social Forum, with its valuable paths to transnational connectivity.
Giuseppe Caruso and Teivo Teivainen, , 12-11-2014
Registration: World Social Forum Tunis 2015
, , 12-05-2014
Roundtables' Conclusions, April 8: Ministers, Mayors, Global Parliamentarians on Habitat, Civil Society
, , 04-27-2014
WUF7 Closing Remarks
, , 04-27-2014
World Social Forum International Council Meeting Report
, , 05-28-2013
Statement from the Maghrebian Social Forum's Steering Committee about the next World Social Forum 2013, in Tunis
, , 10-24-2012
Tribunal on Evictions in Naples
Affected Communities Accuse Governments and UN-Habitat
, , 09-05-2012
The Urban Social Forum opens in Naples with a field visit from the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing
, , 09-05-2012
Latest updates for HIC in Naples
, , 08-17-2012

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