Abstract of the Board Meeting


The annual HIC Board meeting took place in Dakar, Senegal from February 2-4, 2011 during which several institutional matters were settled.


Appointment of a new Vice-President, Rajaa Al Kassab

In December 2010, outgoing Vice-President Anelise Melendez finished her four-year term as HIC board representative for Latin America. As such, the HIC board was required to appoint a new Vice-President from among its members, of the opposite gender of the President and from a different region. The board unanimously voted for Rajaa Al Kassab, board representative of the Middle East / North Africa region, to serve as the new Vice-President. This position is temporary until the election of a new HIC President in June 2011. If a female is elected President, then a male board member will be appointed to serve as Vice-President.

HIC extends its sincere gratitude to Anelise Melendez for her contributions as Vice-President, and warmly welcomes Rajaa to this position.


Appointment of a new Treasurer

Joseph Schechla finished his four eight term as treasurer, and Leon Guy Mfomou was unanimously appointed to serve as the new treasurer for the next four years.


Executive Committee

Along with the new Vice-President and Treasurer, several other board members were invited to sit on the Executive Committee, to maintain a balanced representation of regions and thematic committees. The Executive Committee is made of up the following Board members:

·         Davinder Lamba, President

·         Rajaa Al Kassab, Vice-President

·         Leon Guy Mfomou, Treasurer and representative of the WAH Committee

·         Alejandro Florian, representative of Latin America

And the following staff members:

·         Joseph Schechla, HLRN Coordinator

·         Lorena Zárate, HIC-AL Coordinator

·         Shivani Chaudhry, HIC-HLRN South Asia Regional Programme

·         Ana Sugranyes, General Secretary


ThematicStructures: Women and Habitat/ Housing and Sustainable Environment

Due to the lack of operational capacities as an international network, a decision was made by the board to redefine the HIC-Women and Habitat Network as the Women and Habitat Committee, while maintaining three representatives on the HIC board. For similar reasons, the Housing and Sustainable Environment Network has also been redefined as a Committee, also maintaining one representative on the board. At the Coalition level, the board reinforced its dedication to mainstreaming gender equality and environmental justice in all other HIC structures that maintain operational capacities.