Appointment of Anacláudia Rossbach as the new Executive Director of UN-Habitat


It’s our pleasure to share with you that Anacláudia Rossbach has been appointed as the new Executive Director of UN-Habitat.

We celebrate and welcome this news with happiness and enthusiasm, due to Anacláudia’s more than 20 years long trajectory and commitment to the Right to Adequate Housing.

A Brazilian economist, Anaclaúdia has a strong academic, technical and policy background. She is familiar with the United Nations System through her work in Cities Alliances/UNOPS and the World Bank, in addition to her role as an expert on national urban policies in the framework of Habitat III, she has a deep knowledge of the issues of the Human Settlements Agenda, and of territorial and housing programmes, due to her experience with public policies in Brazil, with a special emphasis and commitment to the agenda of integral improvement of popular neighborhoods. Until now, she acted as Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, based in Boston.

UN-Habitat splays a crucial role in advancing the agenda of habitat related Human Rights. Based on our knowledge and experience of working with Anacláudia, HIC has joined numerous networks, articulations, and organisations – social and academic – at the international level in supporting her candidacy in December 2023. 

We congratulate Anaclaudia for her appointment and look forward to working together for the recognition, defense and fulfillment of habitat related human rights!