Burma: Member States of the UN must intervene



As we upload this issue of ACHR WEEKLY REVIEW, reports have been pouring
in that the Burmese riot police today used baton and tear gas against the
Buddhist monks and civilian protesters at Shwedagon pagoda, the holiest
Buddhist place in Rangoon. The demonstrators were reportedly beaten up
while many were arrested. At least one Buddhist monk has been beaten to
death by the riot police.

The international community must intervene. The European Union, the United
States and others must immediately instruct their Permanent
Representatives at the United Nations Offices in New York and Geneva to
sponsor necessary resolutions to hold (i) a special discussion at the
ongoing 62nd session of the United Nations General Assembly; (ii) an
Emergency Session at the Security Council; and (iii) a Special Session at
the ongoing 6th session of the UN Human Rights Council on the prevailing
situation in Myanmar.