Call to Nomination of Candidates for Regional Representatives to the HIC Board (MENA 2014 – 2018)


HIC-MENA Region is currently undergoing the renewal of
its representatives at the Board.

Nomination of
candidates is now open. Please send the nomination of your candidates at the
Electoral Committee (
guiding the Election process before July 13th, 2014.

General Dispositions:

(HIC Constitution,
Article 9.2) “Regional members are elected through a democratic process
established in each region by the HIC Members located within the region. All
members located within the region must be invited to participate in the
election process. Regional members are persons active in HIC activities. Each
approved region elects one member to the Board and one alternate of a different

All HIC members in MENA region that are shown in the List are invited to
participate in the election process, nominate Candidates from the Voters
, be nominated and vote in the election.

Criteria for election:

  • An electoral
    process will be carried to designate one Board Member representing MENA
    region and an alternate of opposite gender.

Profile of the candidates:

  • Men and women HIC Members working actively in the
    MENA region, shown in the List,
    engaged with housing, land rights and human settlements; interested to
    combine local, national and regional contexts with the global approach and
    to represent other HIC MENA Members with a global perspective at the international
  • Eligible candidates are not elected as
    representatives of their organizations, but as persons willing and able to
    carry out the required representative responsibilities of the MENA region.

Responsibilities of Board Members

  • Subscribe to and
    act in accordance with the objectives
    of the Coalition.
  • Representatives
    of HIC on a solidarity basis, with no retribution (they are not paid).
  • Participate in
    Board Meetings and global events with support for travel and
    accommodations (10 days once a year).
  • Formulate
    proposals to strengthen the regional perspective in housing and land
  • Personal
    commitment to assume the complete mandate: for a four-years term
    appointment, only eligible for two consecutive terms.

Requirements for Candidates:

  • Being proposed
    by a HIC member shown on the List
  • Each candidate
    must provide the EC a letter of support of his/her organization.
  • Each candidate
    must provide the EC a short Bio showing his/her background information or
    own experience as popular activist.
  • Eligible
    candidates should understand English or French.
  • The HIC Board
    Representative and the alternate Member must have gender/geographical

Deadline for nominations:
June 29th-July 13th, 2014

For further information please contact the Electoral Committee at: or marie at

Ms. Shereen Talaat (Egyptian Center for
Civil and Legislative Reform – Egypt): Coordinator

Ms. Wedad Ekkerdaoui (Development Support
Centre for Consultancy and Training – Egypt)

Mr. Alam Gul Ahmadi
(Agency of Consultancy for Training – Afghanistan)