HIC Letter of solidarity in the recent protests against the new tax bill in Kenya

HIC General Secretariat Team and Members in the Africa region are deeply concerned by the violence witnessed in many parts of Kenya during the recent protests. We are all especially stunned by the scenes witnessed during the protest and deeply regret the tragic loss of life and injuries sustained including by the use of live fire arms.

HIC supports the rule of law and respect of Kenya’s Constitution which guarantees the right to peaceful protest and encourages constructive dialogue with all Kenyans, in particular the youth and the most vulnerable persons, in addressing issues of vital public concern.

For the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation closely. In case you or any of the members of your family have been a victim of any act of violence or injustice in the context of the protests, please inform us and we may be able to provide support in denouncing the situation that has affected you.

We call on all leaders in Kenya to prioritize the well-being and safety of all individuals. It is imperative to respect the rule of law and uphold democratic principles, ensuring that any actions taken are proportionate within the framework of Kenya’s Constitution and legal framework.

We also call on Kenya’s authorities to be faithful to the Constitution and rule of law. It is our sincere hope that swift peace will return to the country.

We take this opportunity to share with you all the statements and demands on sovereign debt cancellation by ESCR-net here for your information.