Extension of deadline for Reception of Candidates’ Documents – Election of Representative to the Board – MENA 2014


The Electoral Committee (CE) carrying out the election process of
Representative to the Board for MENA region has decided to postpone the
schedule deadline’s for the Validation of Candidates’ nomination, therefore the schedule for the next steps of the electoral process will be carried as as

All the Candidates must send a letter with their nomination’s acceptance, a bio
and a campaign brief, together with their organization’s support of
their nomination (deadline July 21st)

Nomination will be validated by the EC on documents reception (deadline July 21st)

The validated nominations with documents will be published on Websites and sent to the Mailing List (July 21st)

Votes by electronic correspondence of ballots to the EC mailbox: ec.mena2014@hic-net.org
Opening: July 21st
Closure: August 5th

Reception, counting, register and verification of votes by the EC (deadline August 6th)

Results of Election will be communicated and published on HIC’s Websites
and Facebook and sent to the Mailing List (deadline August 6th)


Electoral Committee:
Ms. Shereen Talaat
(Egyptian Center for Civil and Legislative Reform – Egypt)
Ms. Wedad Ekkerdaoui
(Development Support Centre for Consultancy and Training – Egypt)
Mr. Alam Gul Ahmadi
(Agency of Consultancy for Training – Afghanistan)