A new network: Clean Water for all!

Source: IPS
Judy Waguma

He was speaking at the launch of the network attended by over 250 activists – representing civil society groups from over 40 African countries – at the World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, on Wednesday.

“This network will counteract this misguided push for water privatisation in African countries and instead fight for the common good of the poor people to have access to clean water,” said Al Hassan Adam who is Ghanian activist.

“The launch of this network should put the water privateers, governments and international financial institutions on notice that Africans will resist privatisation,” he added. “Water is a human right and demand governments to provide water through efficient public delivery.”

In a strong statement, the network outlined five non-negotiable principles which this network will promote. They included the fight against water privatization in all its form, participatory of public control and management of water resources, Oppose all forms of prepaid water meters, ensure that water is enshrined in our national constitutions as a human right, ensure that the provision of water is a national project solely in the public domain.

“Today we celebrate the birth of this network to resist the theft of our water, tomorrow we will celebrate access to clean water for all,” said Virginia Setshedi of the South African Coalition against Water Privatization.