Call to nominate candidates for Election of HIC President

Dear Members of Habitat International Coalition

Receive the warm regards from the Electoral
Committee (EC) members that are
conducting the process for the election of the next HIC President for the
2015-2019 term.

On July 1st 2015, the members of the EC have
approved by majority the Calendar
for the Electoral process that can be found on

We are
now launching the process with the candidates’ nomination starting today,
Friday July 3rd 2015 and lasting until Friday July 24th 2015

we now call on all HIC Members in good standing to actively participate
in this electoral process in order to promote an opportunity
debate, exchange ideas and opinions on the mission and current and future
tasks of HIC.

to be a HIC Member in good standing:

to the requirements of the HIC Constitution ( and the Presidential and
Election and Representation By-law (, only organization Members in good
standing with their contributions will have the right to nominate candidates
and vote.
There are
different ways to contribute:
– The
contributions other than dues include active participation in the tasks and
activities of the Coalition, shared by the Member in the Member
These contributions are aligned with the HIC strategy and support to the
consolidation of the Coalition. The list of contributions can be found in
the HIC By-Law and in the Member Space. Each activity is completed
by gender indicators (if applicable). The Member should log into his
Member Space with access codes to load its contributions to HIC.

Monetary contributions are annual fees defined by a sliding scale that is
directly related to the annual budget. The minimum fee is 50 US$ or 40 € per
year and is valid for 365 days.
member may choose the type of contribution s/he wants to make. The evaluation
of the membership status will be based on these contributions. The contributions
give organizations the benefit to have the Member organization’s
representatives to nominate, be nominated and to vote for the
election of HIC President.

* Check
your Member status on 27/07/2015.

for contributions fulfillment:

choosing contributions other than dues, your contributions should be registered
before September 10th 2015.

choosing monetary contributions, your membership fees payment should be paid
before September 24th 2015.
contribution concerns, please contact Marie at the HIC-GS (

for Nomination of Candidates:

You are
kindly requested to send your nominations before Friday July 24th 2015 to
our email that has been specially created for the matter of the

for Nomination of Candidates:

email must state:

your name

the organization you represent

your HIC member code (if you know it)

the name of the person you design as candidate

the organization the person you are nominating belongs to

Mo Adam
(The Netherlands)

On behalf
of the Electoral Committee
Bagnera (Argentina), Khadim Dahot (Pakistan), David Barrientos (Bolivia),
Yves Joël Zoffoun (Benin), Esteban Torres (Ecuador)