The 2nd Kisumu international conference on adequate and affordable housing for all for sustainable development

Grassroots Trust for Community Organization in Kenya in collaboration with County Government of Kisumu and local and International Housing stakeholders organize the Conference : “Access to and Secure Land tenure – A Key pillar for Adequate and Affordable Housing”.

Dates: from 5th – 6th virtual and 18th – 19th October 2021,

The challenge of access to Land and the provision of adequate and affordable housing is increasingly recognized in the international arena. The recognition stems from the fact that it is a fundamental human right as well an essential for the achievement of sustainable Development Goals and New Urban Agenda. However, securing it for everyone has remained a mirage. The aim of this conference is to re-look at local and international policies and legal frameworks provisions in order to identify gaps that continue promoting land speculation, investor oriented housing projects that significantly lead to forced evictions and unequal access in our Cities and Towns especially by the low income inhabitants. And consequently propose corrective measures while at the same time drawing lessons from best practices. Finally, the Conference will outline practical and innovative strategies for implementing Adequate and Affordable housing in favor of low income inhabitants.

It is expected that the conference will bring together over 400 participants virtually and 100 physical, all drawn from the land and housing sectors professionals and stakeholders, academia, grassroots communities, government officials and foreign delegations across the globe.

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