UCLG 7th World Congress and Summit of Local and Regional Leaders

Held every three years, the UCLG World Summit and Congress builds on the century-old origins of our Organization as a movement driven by peace, solidarity and city diplomacy, and the pledge of the local and regional governments’ constituency around the world to safeguard the dreams and aspirations of their communities.Aware that failing future generations is not an option, the municipal movement will gather under the motto “Local and Regional Governments Breaking Through as One”, bringing the local leadership and international actors together to meet a scenario of breakthrough.

We are pleased to announce that online registration is now open for the World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders – 7th UCLG Congress, which will be held from 10 to 14 October in Daejeon, South Korea.

More info about our World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders please visit the UCLG Congress website here.

Deuxième assemblée de l’ONU-Habitat

Deuxième assemblée de l’ONU-Habitat

La deuxième session de l'Assemblée des Nations unies pour l'habitat se tiendra du 5 au 9 juin 2023, au siège d'ONU-Habitat à Nairobi. Le thème de la session est "Un [...]