III World Urban Forum in Vancouver, June 2006

The third session of the World Urban Forum (WUFIII) will be hosted by the Government of Canada and will take place in Vancouver, Canada, from 19 to 23 June 2006.

The World Urban Forum is an initiative of the United Nations’ Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT). Held every two years, it brings together as many as 10,000 people from all walks of life to debate and to develop ideas about urban sustainable development in a global context of rapid change. Thirty years after hosting the first UN Conference on Human Settlement, which led to the creation of UN-HABITAT, Vancouver will host the 3rd World Urban Forum around a main theme: “Our Future: Sustainable Cities – Turning Ideas into Action”.

The 2006 Forum will provide an unprecedent opportunity to forge international cooperation on urban development and sustainable urbanizationissues, and will spark the development of models and practical solutions that can be used to address urbanization problems in cities and towns around the world.

The Third World Urban Forum (WUF) will mark 30 years since the United Nations (UN) met in Vancouver to launch the UN-HABITAT agency and its worldwide programs.

More: http://www.unhabitat.org/wuf/2006/