Message of gratitude

Dear Members, Friends and Allies,

Thank you very much.

On behalf of Habitat International Coalition we would like to thank our Members,
Friends and Allies for the great participation, good spirit and excellent willingness
shown in the meetings undertaken last week in Nairobi. HIC’s global struggles
for social justice, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, and the
defence, promotion and realization of human rights related to housing and land
in both rural and urban areas ares reflected in the daily work of HIC Members
in Africa.

The HIC General Assembly, held on October 10, 2017 has been attended by
51 participants from 36 organizations and 23 countries. The regional event in
Africa and the HIC Human Rights Habitat Observatory workshop, held on October
9, 2017 were very enriching, giving us the opportunity to know each other
better, to exchange ideas and to plan the future together.

This first step to reinforce the Coalition in the African region has been a success
that needs to be followed up. . We are looking forward to continue building a
big HIC family in Africa, as well as in the other regions, and globally. Let’s
keep the Nairobi spirit alive.

Thank you very much from all HIC teams!