HIV, AIDS and Housing Training and Resource Materials


Rooftops Canada/ Abri International is the international development program of co-operative and social housing groups in Canada. Rooftops Canada works with partner organizations to improve housing conditions, build sustainable communities and develop a shared vision of equitable global development. Rooftops Canada‘s focus is on disadvantaged communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe.

This is a compilation of resource material on Housing and HIV and AIDS. Much of the material has been developed with our partner organizations as programmatic resources and strategies for dealing with HIV/AIDS in their work. We invite you to use the information on this CD as resource material for your work. The South African training materials should be of particular use to co-operative, community based and social housing groups.

The info is organized in the following categories:

Overview on HIV, AIDS and Housing  provides a background, discusses issues confronted by housing organizations responding to HIV and AIDS and identifies some strategies adopted by Rooftops Canada’s partners (Download the document here).

Background information and context  on HIV/AIDS and Housing:

  • African civil society position paper on HIV and AIDS – Abuja Declaration (download here)
  • Canada – ICAD – Fact Sheet – HIV AIDS & Development – 2001 (download here)
  • CIDA Action against HIV AIDS – 2002 (download here)
  • Repositioning the poverty agenda – HIV AIDS lens (download here)
  • SIDA- HIV, AIDS and Urban Development Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, February 2007 (download here)
  • South Africa –  Human Rights Commission Report – housing section (download here)
  • UNGASS – Civil Society Recommendations for the UNGASS Review Political Declaration (download here)
  • UNGASS – Draft High level declaration June, 2006 (download here)
  • World AIDS Day (download here)

Canada – Aboriginal communities,HIV-AIDS and Housing

Case studies, workshop  and research reports

  • Canada – Affordable Housing in Vancouver for People with HIV-AIDS (download here)
  • Canada and Africa – Special Needs Housing – Canadian Experience for Africa (download here)
  • Kenya – NACHU – HIV Knowledge Attitude and Practice Survey report (download here)
  • Kenya – SINA – HIV AIDS And Housing- Bulletin no. 63 (download here)
  • Kenya – NACHU- HIV AIDS- Strategies, Process, Success, Challanges and Action Plan (download here)
  • Kenya – SINA – HIV AIDS and housing – Bulletin No 66 (download here)
  • South Africa – Analyzing policy and responses – Durban – AIDS and Shelter – BESG July 2001 (download here)
  • South Africa – Case of Masisizane-HIV and AIDS impacts (download here)
  • South Africa – Department of Housing – Impacts of HIV-AIDs on Hsg and Human Sett April 2003 (download here)
  • South Africa – HIV and AIDS Housing – A study of of 5 models (download here)
  • South Africa – Msunduzi AIDS Partnership – Conf on HIV-AIDS & Hsg (download here)
  • South Africa – NASHO – Resource document for SHIs (download here)
  • South Africa – Pietermaritzburg – Speak Out on Vulnerable Children HIV-AIDS and Housing (download here)
  • South Africa – SHIs and HIV-AIDS (download here)
  • Zimbabwe – HPZ – Impact of HIV-AIDS on co-operatives (download here)

Gender and HIV-AIDS

  • Cameroon – CONGEH – Dépliant référence GSH (download here)
  • Fact Sheet -ICAD – HIV AIDS & Gender – 2003 (download here)
  • HRW Policy paralysis Human Rights women & girls Africa (download here)
  • HRW Womens property rights violations in Kenya (download here)
  • South Africa – Mainstreaming Gender in the Response to AIDS in Southern Africa (download here)
  • South Africa – SA Women’s Leadership Curriculum (download here)

Housing Microfinance and HIV AIDS

  • Africa – ILO Working Paper No. 25 (download here)
  • Mitigating risk in African credit unions serving HIV-AIDS affected comm – WOCCU 2003 (download here)
  • South Africa – The Calm Before the Storm (1) Low Income Hsg Finance AIDS July, 2002 (download here)
  • The Calm Before the Storm (2) Impact of AIDS July, 2002 (download here)
  • Tanzania – WAT- microfinance and  HIV- AIDS brochure (download here)

Organization policy

Rooftops Canada – Abri International

South Africa –  Training Workshop Material

Training Resources

  • Canada – Healing Our Spirit – Cultural Foundations of Healing (download here)
  • Kenya – NACHU – HIV AIDS Trainers Manual – KiSwahili and English (download here)
  • Tanzania – WAT  – HIV-AIDS Training Manual (download here)
  • Tanzania – WAT – HIV AIDS brochure (download here)

WUF – Housing and HIV-AIDS –  International Workshop and Networking Session – Presentations and Reports


  • Workshop Presentation – HPZ HIV and  Aids Intervention (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – JHC HIV AIDS 28.04. 2006 LM (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – NACHU (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – Planact – MASISIZANE – shumani (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – SOHCO (download here)
  • Workshop presentation – The Social Housing Company (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – WAT (download here)
  • Workshop Presentation – WAT  HIV (download here)
  • WUF Networking Event – Healing Our Spirit Presentation (download here)
  • WUF Networking Event – HPZ Presentation (download here)
  • Final Report – International workshop on Housing and HIV AIDS (download here)
  • Final Report – Networking Event – List of participants (download here)
  • Final Report – World Urban Forum  – Housing and HIV and AIDS (download here)


If you would like more information or if you are interested in networking with Rooftops Canada or their partners in any way, please contact Rooftops. They would appreciate feedback on the material and would welcome receiving similar materials from your organization for the second version of this material.

Funding for this initiative was provided by the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The opinions expressed in the documents are that of the authors and do not represent the views of Rooftops Canada- Abri International or the Government of Canada.


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