Latest News on the WSF in Tunis 2013


An international meeting was held in Tunis December 14th, 15th and 16th
in order to prepare for the world Social Forum (2013). During this meeting the
Tunisian Organizing Committee the Maghreb Social Forum follow up Committe and
the International Council members who were present agreed about the following
time table :

The activities
propositions will continue until January 20th, 2013 and registration confirmation
will be between January 21st, 2013, and registration confirmation well be
between January 21st to February 15th. Paying the registration bill could,
thus, be done from 21-01 to 15-02, 2013, via the web site.

To allow cooperation among mouvements and organizations,
with proposed activities, a process of clustering (agglutination) will take
place from December 24 to January 31st, 2013.

The site will supply the
methodological and technical explanations required for the organizations that
suggested activities and that want to engage in this clustering process.

In case of need for further technical help to
register, please contact us in the following e-mail address:

Activities in the WSF in Tunis

The Coalition, in collaboration with other organizations and networks,
is organizing two activities related to the right to the city and the right to
land. More information will be available on these activities in the next HIC

Please click here for more information on the activities that have been
registered in the WSF to date.