Minutes of Campaign Team Call #1


Background: This was the first meeting to plan HIC’s campaign activities that will occur between HIC’s Global Day of Action in October, and the WSF Campaign in January. An initial team was invited to discuss the items below and catalyze a process that is transparent and participatory. To view activities that led to this point, please go here — link to Knut`s timeline)

Present: Lorena Zarate (Mexico), Michael Kane (USA), Knut Unger (Germany), Nellie Agingu (South Africa), ACORN Representative (USA), Ana Sugranyes and Julio Dantas (HIC-GS).

Regional Coordination:

Group agreed to start participatory process by having regional working groups to discuss campaign issues and foster activities. The formation of these groups will depend on the region and its needs. It was suggested that regions also have a “regional campaign team” conference calls. The aim is to have a process that allows for a mutual sharing of global-local, local-global experiences and organizing.

Latin America: Lorena (Mexico), Evaniza (Brazil)

Asia: Rabial (India), Shebani, Yohuna (Korea)

Africa: Nellie Agingu (South Africa)

Europe: Knut (Gemany), Katherine (France)

North America: Michael (USA), Wade (USA), Michael Shefcla (Canada)

Background Papers:

Using the general themes of evictions, privatization and the environment the group agreed to share two recent papers written by Enrique Ortiz y Knut Unger about objectives for the campaign. It was also agreed to invite others to write their perspectives to form campaign goals.

(link to Knut`s and Enrique’s papers, Nairobi call to action, WSF goals.)

Media Contacts:

In an effort to build our collective media database the group agreed to cross-share media lists from different regions. We urge you to send us your lists so that we can compile a global database for distribution of news once our campaign activities start.


Group stressed the importance of making documents available to all HIC members and other interested parties regarding the campaign and its planning process. A campaign website is being created, and an interactive web tools is being discussed.

Next Call: Monday, July 9, 2007 at 10:00 (am) Santiago, Chile (GMT -04:00). If you wish to join the call please email Julio Dantas at Julio@hic-net.org in order to receive call numbers.

As a reminder:

DATE: Monday, 25th of June

TIME: 10:00 Santiago de Chile (GMT -04:00)

DURATION: 60 minutes

CALL NUMBER: (US Country Code) – 973-807-0420, PIN # 012021




GOAL: To establish a working structure for the Campaign Team

· Introductions

—(3 minutes)

· Reports on the state of preparations – (To be sent ahead)

Questions and comment.

—(10 minutes)

· Campaign Team structure (DECISION)

–WHO is the Team? Who here stays? Who else needs to be here? Suggested Working Groups below:

WORKING GROUP 1: Focus is to enlarge the network and internal and external communication. Propose to have Julio D. (GS) coordinate with the entire campaign team.

First Task: Look for team members in their region and identify outside actors.

Note: If regional meetings need to happen these can be coordinated by team members. For example, Lorena could coordinate a Latin American call with the ideas from and for this group.

—15 minutes

WORKING GROUP 2: Focus on targeting/action promotion. Team needs 2-3 persons initially.

First Task: To create an exchange tools – resources, action ideas, and ways to publicize work.

—10 minutes

TOTAL—(25 minutes)

· Agreements on key political issues. (DECISION)

–What are the key issues we will focus on in the oct2007-ene2008 campaign?

(List to be sent before the call, but below are some of the items for now.)

– Organizing the Oct ff campaign

– Reaction to UN Habitat Day call on secure cities

– The Commission on Legal Empowerment of the Poor

– The Nairobi Park case with involvement of UN Habitat

– The NAHT campaign on AIMCO evistions and Deutsche Bank

– News on changes in multinational housing business

–Who drafts call and manages responses?

—(10 minutes)

· Agreements on organizing an open online campaigning space (DECISION)

Is this needed? Yes/No

—(2 minutes)

· Next Steps:

Decide on date and time of next call. BRING CALENDARS!

—(10 minutes)