New elected Representatives at the HIC Board for MENA region


HIC-MENA elections ended and we are pleased to announce that this process has successfully concluded with two Middle East and North Africa Representatives at the HIC Board:


Board Member:  Mrs. Rajaa’ Al-Kasab, from Right to Water Forum in the Arab Region (Morocco), first term to the Board, (


Board Alternate: Mr. Yahia Khawaldeh, Dana and Qadisiyah Local Community Cooperative (Jordan), first term to the Board (


Our thanks for all of HIC-MENA members who participated to this electoral process and for our great Electoral Committee, and congratulations to the elected Board members! It has been a long but successful experience that will help us to enhance the participation of our HIC structures, and strengthen the institutional operation of the Coalition.


For more information on the process please contact the members of the Electoral Committee:

Abdel Mawla (ECRW – Egypt):

Mohamed El-Maskati (BYSHR – Bahrain):

Ahmed Mansour (HIC-MENA – Egypt):


To submit ideas and proposals to our new representatives please contact them directly or contact HIC-MENA offices at



Abdel Mawla


HIC-MENA Electoral Committee