Nomination of candidates of social movements to HIC Board


(HIC Constitution, Article 9) The social movement members are designated by the Board from among candidates by members of the Coalition in consultation with the social organisations. Social movements invited to the Board include primarily regional or national networks or alliances of community-based or social organisations working for common objectives. The representatives of the social movements are from different regions and are of different genders. At least one of the social movement representatives is a member of the Coalition.

Profile of the candidates:

Man or woman of a social movement engaged with housing, land rights and human settlements; interested to combine local, national and regional contexts with the global approach; interested to represent housing social processes from a global perspective in international forums.


  • Subscribe to and act in accordance with the objectives of the Coalition.
  • Representatives of HIC on a solidarity basis, with no retribution (they are not paid).
  • Participate to HIC Board Meetings and HIC global events with support for travel and accommodations (10 days once a year).
  • Formulate proposals to strengthen social movements in housing and land issues.
  • Board representatives appointed for a four-years term.
  • Board members shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.


  • Letter of support of your organization
  • Background information of the organization you represent or your own experience as popular activist.
  • Speak English, Spanish or French

Criteria for selection:

  • Expertise, knowledge and areas of interest.
  • Gender balance
  • Geographical distribution, special consideration to nominations coming from or with the support of HIC members in Asia and Africa.

Deadline for nominations:

  • 15th April 2005

All HIC members are invited to participate in the election process.

For further information please contact: Ana Sugranyes,