“Nuestros barrios, nuestros derechos, nuestras ciudades” campaña regional de HIC América Latina


“Our neighbourhoods, our rights, our cities” regional campaign by HIC Latin America

“Our neighbourhoods, our rights, our cities” is a campaign for the improvement of neighbourhoods and popular housing in Latin America. With the initiative we seek to strengthen local actions and strategic work, articulating concrete proposals in regional terms anchored in human rights, to make the voices of the territories heard and thus raise the changes we need in the post-pandemic reconstruction.

The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a differential impact on informal settlements, making it clear that the right to adequate housing and the right to the city, among other social rights, are central to saving lives and that it is therefore essential to advance renewed and transformative agendas for the comprehensive improvement of neighbourhoods.

There is a history of different initiatives in favour of neighbourhood improvement in the Latin American region (Acuerdo por la Urbanización de Villas, Decálogo Convite, Lineamiento para la reurbanización de Barrios Populares, among others). The Campaign launched by HIC Latin America and ACIj, in collaboration with many other organisations, recovers these precedents and other local and regional efforts, and proposes to articulate the knowledge already built and review it together with the communities, movements, organisations and academia that are supporting the Campaign.

To learn more about the Campaign and its members, please visit bit.ly/NBNDNC or write to campanha.regional2021@gmail.com.