Outstandings of the HIC General Assembly of HIC Belém do Pará, Brazil, January 30th 2009



• Strengthen the struggle against forced evictions.
This includes a solidarity action with Palestine against the massive evictions, houses destructions and refugees displacements.
For this purpose, a methodology has to be built to fight against these phenomena not only in Palestine but also in Zimbabwe, Angola, and in the countries of the north that are affected by the crisis, as the United States

• Improve the service to the CBOs and NGOs, increase the access to the data bases to broaden the participation and enhance the use of the HIC tools (for example, the VDB of housing and land rights violations)

• Expand the works of Women and Right to Housing to other organizations

• Democratize the WUF5, adopt a joint strategy with other networks, create an alternative proposal, World Urban Forum or World Assembly of Inhabitants style.

• Built up networks between rural and urban organizations: in Cairo, there will be an opportunity to link HIC with organizations as Vía Campesina and FIAN. It is very important to articulate the work of networks between the continents, for example Africa and Latin America

• Materialize a proposal to continue progressing in the theme of the right to the city, in coordination with other networks and regions

• Elaborate a political document displaying HIC position of HIC in front of the crisis, in view to propose sustainable alternatives to the present model. In this purpose, it is important to build up regional alliances (for instance in Latin America)


The above mentioned document will be drafted between February and March 2009, from Latin America region, with the inputs of Roly Escobar, Guillermo Marzioni, Sebastián Oliveira, Evaniza Rodrigues, Ramon Saner and Felix Yanes.
The HIC General Secretariat will be in charge of the document diffusion in other languages, of its submission to other networks in order to facilitate complementary inputs, for example, the document “In response to the global financial & housing crisis: G-20: Build a Global Social Pact for Equitable and Sustainable Habitat now!”

For more information, consult the Minutes of the meeting here