Report of the training programme Comunity Organizing, held in Kolkata, India.


A training programme on Community Organizing was held at Kolkata from May 17 to May 26, primarily for NGOs from Bangladesh where other social activists also participated. Representatives who took the training came from seven NGOs of Bangladesh which were: Shelter for the Poor, Proshika, IPD (Institute for Peoples Development), DSK (Dusthya Sastha Kendra), BAWSE (Bangladesh Association for Womens Empowerment, RULI Foundation and PROTAY and were led by Abu Rayhan Al-Beeroonee. The training programme was organized by the Institute for Development, Education & Action (IDEA) and LOCOA and sponsored by SELAVIP.

After the field visit on May 17 and 18 to some of the slums of the city (attached) and the nature of upgrading being done by the NGOs with the participation of the community, the interaction started from May 19. Prof. Hossainur Rahman, an eminent writer, set the tone of the programme by delving on the need for womens empowerment, community organizing and also increasing economic self-reliance in society, as advocated by Mahatma Gandhi.

Rabial Mallick, HIC Board Member and the Sr. Assistant Director of CISRS and Director of IDEA, who conducted the entire training, presented the broad framework of the conditions existing in Third World from the political, economic, social and cultural perspectives. This was followed by detailed analysis of the effect of the political and economic structures on the poorer and backward sections of society


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