Result of HIC presidential Election 2015


On behalf of the Electoral Committee, I am pleased to inform you the result of HIC
presidential election process that took place between June, 12th – October,

According to the information provided by the General Secretariat, 51
members had the right to vote for the 2015 Election of the HIC President.

We received a total of 24 votes, from which 23 were valid: an organization
voted for a person that was not stated as Candidate. As such, this vote is considered

The final results are:

23 votes in favor of Lorena Zárate

1 invalid vote

No blank vote

The votes’ breakdown by region is the following: Africa: 2, Asia: 1,
Europe: 1, Latin America/Caribbean: 15, Middle East/North Africa: 3, North
America/Canada: 2

The total of 24 votes represents the participation of 47% of the
eligible voting members and meets the quorum of 10% of the roster of voters.

We certify the validity of this electoral process, as described in the HIC

According to these results, Mrs. Lorena
Zárate is the HIC President

for the 2015-2019 mandate.

We thank HIC members for their participation and congratulate our HIC

Best regards,

Electoral Committee


Mr. Mo Adam


On behalf of Electoral Committee:

Mrs. Paola
Bagnera, Mr. Khadim Dahot, Mr. David Barrientos, Mr. Yves Joël Zoffoun, Mr.
Esteban Torres