Stop attack on Uhuru Movement


Urgent Call-in: Stop attack on Uhuru Movement

Boley is a private company
that gets government funding to provide housing assistance based on poverty
statistics of the black community in several Florida counties. They recently
notified four members of the Uhuru Movement in St. Petersburg, Florida, that
their housing assistance has been terminated.

Urgent Call In – Tell
Boley/St. Pete to Stop Attack on Uhuru Movement

Boley Centers, Inc. is a
non-profit multi-million dollar company that is supposed to be providing
assistance to people in need. They operate in Pinellas, Hillsborough,
Manatee and Sarasota Counties in Florida with programs around housing,
disabilities, and mental illness. Boley receives the majority of their
funding from the City of St. Petersburg and are currently cooperating with
the city to unleash a vicious attack on the Uhuru Movement.

On Saturday,
December 1st, four Uhuru Movement members received a letter from Boley
Centers, Inc. saying that they “did not comply with the City of St.
Petersburg housing criteria² and their housing voucher will be terminated
effectively Dec 31 (new year’s eve). There was no mention of what they
did not comply with, what could be done to comply, or how to appeal this
termination. This means that people who need housing assistance will now be
forced out of their homes on the holidays because they are members of the
Uhuru Movement.

The Uhuru Movement is urging people to call-in!

Who to
Stephanie Lampe
Coordinator of Housing and Community Development for
the City of St. Petersburg

When to Call:
Thursday, Friday,
Monday 8AM – 4 PM

What to Say:

1. Ask to speak with Stephanie

2. My name is ________________ and I am calling from (your city)

And I want to know why people are receiving letters in the mail from Boley
saying that their housing is being terminated for no reason.

4. In the
Black Community people can’t find any decent livable housing.

5. And
I am outraged that the City is using Boley to push Africans out of their

6. I know why they are doing it. Its because of their relationship
with the Uhuru Movement.

7. And they are attacking the movement because of
what they stand for.

8. This must end immediately!!!

Let us know that you

Call (727) 821-6620 and leave a message or email to let us know how many calls you made, the day and time
that you made them, and how they responded.

For more information on the
Uhuru Movement, visit

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