Sudan: Arrests Following Kajbar Dam Incident


On 20 July 2007, the spokesperson of the Committee against the Kajbar Dam, Mr. Osman Ibrahim, was arrested at his home.

In the early morning, 3 police cars arrived at his home in Firraig village. No warrant was presented for his arrest and his whereabouts are unknown.

His arrest follows the incident reported on the 13 June 2007, when Sudanese security forces shot on civilians holding a peaceful demonstration against the building of the Kajbar Dam in the Nubian area of northern Sudan. Four people were shot dead and thirteen people were seriously injured.

Journalists and lawyers working on and covering the protests against the Kajbar Dam were arrested. To this day, except for the journalist Saad Mohamed Ahmed released on 9 July 2007, they all remain in incommunicado detention in spite of the fact that their lawyers filed a petition before the Constitutional Court questioning the legality of their detention. Their names are:

Alam Aldeen Abd Alghni Lawyer. Arrested in Dongola Emad Merghni Seed Ahmed Lawyer. Arrested in Dongola Abd Allah Abd Alghume Lawyer. Arrested in Dongola Abdel Aziz Mohamed Ali Khieri Retired Engineer, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Arrested in Dongola Osman Osman Driver Mugahid Mohamed Abdalla Journalist Dr. Mohamed Julal Hashim Lecturer at Khartoum University, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. Arrested in Khartoum Osman Shammat From Ruadwan village, arrested in Dongola

Gravely concerned about the violent repression of communities opposed to Kajbar Dam by Sudanese authorities, SOAT condemns the arbitrary arrests and detentions and treatment of these persons and urges the Government of Sudan to:

i. Ensure the physical and psychological integrity of Osman Ibrahim and take all necessary measures to ensure the physical and psychological integrity of all the detainees.

ii. Give the detainees immediate and regular access to their families, lawyers, and any necessary medical treatment.

iii. Order the immediate release of all the detainees in the absence of valid legal charges, or if legitimate charges exist, bring them before an impartial tribunal and guarantee procedural rights at all times.

iv. Guarantee the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and association throughout Sudan in accordance with its constitutional obligations and international human rights standards.