The experience of the Ñuke Mapu cooperative, Chile


The Ñuke Mapu Housing Cooperative is made up of 36 families from Pedro Aguirre Cerda. In this video we want to share with you the experience and the process of construction and development of the project.

The Ñuke Mapu Housing Cooperative is the result of a collaboration agreement signed between SELVHIP (Latin American Secretariat for Housing and Popular Habitat) and the Municipality of Pedro Aguirre Cerda in April 2013. This agreement seeks to recover the history of Chilean cooperativism in housing through the design and implementation of a pilot experience that will serve as a precedent for the promotion of self-managed housing policies.

Self-management, mutual aid and collective ownership are some of the principles of this cooperative project that seeks alternatives to the qualitative deficit of more than 1,200,000 dwellings in Chile due to their size, poor construction quality, insecurity of the population or overcrowding.

The Ñuke Mapu housing cooperative is one of the many popular organisations fighting to live in cities in a dignified, fair and supportive way.

Learn more about this experience and its protagonists in the following video (available in Spanish):