The Special Rapporteur on the human rights of Indigenous Peoples call for inputs for its annual report


The Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples will dedicate his annual report to the General Assembly to the Situation of Indigenous Peoples living in Urban Areas. The report will review the reasons for urbanisation, its impacts and the initiatives undertaken by States, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders to ensure that the rights and specific needs of urban indigenous peoples are addressed.

How is the situation of the human rights of Indigenous Peoples in Urban Areas?

The majority of the world’s indigenous peoples live in urban environments. The Special Rapporteur will consider the specific causes and consequences of urbanisation. Voluntary migration may occur when indigenous peoples move to urban areas in search of employment and education opportunities, while others experience forced migration from evictions, land dispossession and militarization or due to environmental degradation and natural disasters caused by climate change.
Regardless of the reasons for migration, urban indigenous peoples continue to experience the legacy of colonisation and inter-generational trauma and face a unique set of challenges to their sense of identity, culture and connection to lands and resources. The need to address issues of poverty, racism, racial discrimination, marginalisation and to strengthen support for indigenous peoples living in urban areas is evident The study will also examine the impacts on indigenous peoples who occupy traditional territories that have transformed into metropolitan areas over time.

How can I submit my comments?

The Special Rapporteur wishes to receive inputs, by responding to the annexed questions that will inform his upcoming report to be presented at the 76th session of the General Assembly in October 2021.
  • The Special Rapporteur requests submissions from Member States and inter-governmental entities, UN agencies, indigenous peoples and organisations, civil society actors, humanitarian and development organizations, national human rights institutions, business representatives and other stakeholders, to contribute to the preparation of the report.
  • Submissions can be made to by 28 February 2021 in English, French or Spanish. Kindly indicate in the subject of your email “Submission to Urban report”.
  • All submissions will be published on the mandate webpage on the OHCHR website, unless otherwise indicated in your submission. Please limit inputs to 10 pages.