Time to vote to elect your Representative to the Habitat International Coalition Board for the 4-year mandate (2023-2027) 


The HIC Members of the Africa region with the right to vote are cordially invited to participate in this process.

Please note that each HIC Member organisation may only send one vote. This means that three people all working for the same organisation must consult with one another and only send one vote.

Four people have been nominated as candidates and have duly accepted their nominations:

  •     Mrs Priscilla Achakpa, Women Environmental Programme, Nigeria
  •      Mrs Grace Chikumo Mtonga, Civic Forum on Housing and Habitat Zambia, Zambia
  •      Mr Moussa Ka, Habitants et Travailleurs Baraka, Senegal
  •      Mr Hilary Zhou, Zimbabwe People’s Land Rights Movement, Zimbabwe

You can download each Candidate’s documents clicking on each document on HIC website.

Please note that you are requested to vote for one candidate. The Candidate who will receive the highest number of votes will be the Representative at the Board and the Alternate will be the second most voted candidate of the opposite sex. Please do not add a second name as alternative, as the alternate will be decided based on the number of votes each individual receives for the position of Representative.

Your vote should contain the following information:

  1. Your personal name
  2. The name of the organization you belong to
  3. The name of the one Candidate you have chosen to be the Representative at the HIC Board
  4. The date of your vote


To: ec-africa2023@hic-net.orgotieno.humphrey@yahoo.commarie.huchzermeyer@wits.ac.za and cdrcongeh@yahoo.fr

My name:

The organization I belong to:

My Candidates is:

Date of my vote:

The ballot will only be considered as valid if all this information is provided.

The opening date for voting is Monday 15 May 2023; the closing date is Sunday 28 May 2023. The votes will be counted and verified from  Monday 29 May to Sunday 4 June and the results will be published on Monday 5 June 2023.


The Coordinator of the EC will send an acknowledgement of receipt to each voter after receiving each ballot.

We are looking forward to your participation in the HIC-Africa election process!